The following lines of poetry are generated from word frequency tables of a combination of Andrew WK and Rush lyrics from I Get Wet and Permanent Waves, respectively.

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voice, a killer party there's going to chance, a long time for the freedom of powers we both know you.
 got that you still capture our own.
 all right.
 and not said.
 got to get them all.
 we know when your happy solitude.
 invisible airwaves crackle with yourself and have made a gun.
 we want and yet together, like to go nowhere.
 you're working you - no.
 and complex, time to die.
 won't go and now we jump jump jump go go go go go go go go and talk no hurry.
 because we are parted.
 light streams down so many times and you down.
 now dig it leaves a mechanized world as it tonight.
 and we just a party tonight.
 because there ain't got to go go go go go go.
 stop feeling all right.
 and we just a song.
 what you beautiful she comes and we like that your face.